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The Klubs

Designed to get you out skateboarding or scootering at new spots you might not have skated in Central Oregon, learn new tricks, hang out with your friends and most importantly have fun!


Go out with your friends, skate, and video yourself doing new tricks you have learned to earn street cred. Earn different color T-shirts signifying your level in Skate Klub. One time cost of $20 to join. 8 shirts for $20. Get a shop sponsorship.



Skate Klub is 8 Levels. The difficulty increases at each level.


Getting Trick Credit

Instagram - Video your trick and hashtag #redmondsnowandskate and #skateklub or #skootklub

No Instagram? Just video yourself and bring it into RSS to verify.


Next level tricks will be released only after 10 riders complete the previous level.

Stats will be updated on the giant boards at RSS and online at RSSOREGON.COM for easy access. 

5 Tricks Per Level

Tricks have to be performed at certain locations around Central Oregon.

Redmond skate park, Sisters skate park, Prineville skate park, Madras skate park, Bend Ponderosa (Pondy) skate park, Bend Rockridge Skate Park, Redmond Snow and Skate, sometimes a trick can be performed anywhere.


Each level has a different colored shirt as a reward for completing the five tricks around town.

Complete Skate Klub and get a shop sponsorship!

Level 1

  1. Tail Stall at Redmond Skate Park. Must be performed on any 3 ft or larger transition with coping.

  2. Manual 10ft. Can be performed anywhere. Front trucks must not touch the ground for 10 ft.

  3. Rock and Roll to fakie at Sisters Skate Park.  Must be performed on any 3 ft or larger transition with coping.

  4. 180 Ollie. Can be performed anywhere.

  5. 1 ft high Ollie or (over a skateboard) Must be performed at Redmond Snow and Skate.

Complete the first five tricks to earn your first white Klub shirt. 

Issac Niemi
Quintin King.jpg
Quintin King
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Joel Fitzgerald
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Vince Serna
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